we had a thought while walking along the cliffs of Cornwall that we could buy a boat and sail round the world. 

somehow the idea got talked about more and more, slowly becoming an actual plan...

In October 2011 we threw off the docklines in Falmouth, England and set out on our adventure. Neither of us had any real reason to leave; our jobs, home and friendships were all ticking along quite contently. But still we decided to rent out our house, spend the money we’d put aside for an extension on a boat instead and off we went, with only a little sailing experience and very limited understanding of boat maintenance but with a healthy amount of optimism.

We left thinking that the challenge we had set was to sail around the world in roughly two and a half years and then return to London, our heads full of experiences. We even joked about returning having got married and had children.

And we did learn. Everything was about educating ourselves; sailing better and more efficiently, interpreting the weather more capably, becoming more skilled and less flustered when it came to running repairs. We also had to adjust to a new relationship where we could take orders from one another and know when to trust in each other’s expertise.

After crossing the Atlantic and enjoying several months in the Caribbean we reached Panama, where we decided to start a family. Now we combine our cruising with being full-time parents to our daughter, Rocket, who was born en route in Mexico. We crossed the Pacific ocean with her, from Mexico to New Zealand, exploring all the South Pacific islands in between.

Our crew now includes our son, Indigo, who was born in New Zealand. Our journey then took us back out to the South Pacific and onward into South East Asia. We’re currently sailing in Indonesia.

James is an architect whilst Jess is an artist.

In addition we use our journey to sea-trial various products for the boat and the babies, photographing and writing reviews on them and championing eco-minded solutions that we truly believe in.

We’re also freelance writers and photographers for various publications worldwide, including sailing, parenting, lifestyle and eco magazines.

we currently have no plans to return to normal.