James, Rocket and I had the great pleasure of meeting Jenny and Rich of Wishbone Design Studio during our recent visit to Wellington. These like-mided designers have let their parenting experiences and ethos lead their product development resulting in the oh-so-beautiful, practical and transformative Wishbone bike.


They have been kind enough to join us on our sailing journey and Rocket is now the proud owner of her very own Wishbone. This 3-in-1 bike starts out as a balance trike, then changes to a balance bike and then an even taller balance bike, to grow and change with your child as their skills improve. It’s a gorgeous bit of design and tough and sturdy too. It also comes flat-packed in a box, meaning it can be de-assembled too (very handy if you’re travelling by boat and space is at a premium!).


Here are a few early shots of Rocket’s first day as a biker girl.