…Sounds like a horrid combination doesn’t it? Well, it was the brain child of Chris, James’s older brother, who visited with his wife Jane in St Kitts over the last few days. It was so nice to have proper contact from home and our first proper daysails with visitors (which got us on our best sailing behaviour). They both managed really well despite St Kitts being unusually windy with force 5 and 6 the whole time they stayed.


We sailed over to Oualie beach in Nevis, a really lovely spot. The name comes from its original Spanish name, ‘nuestra señora de las nieves’, which means ‘our lady of the snows’, referring to the mountain which dominates the island’s landscape. Chris and Jane were craving some white sand (most of St Kitts is volcanic) so we had a day trip here before popping back over to the mainland and the bar ‘Shipwrecked’, which promptly became their new local 🙂


The few days they were with us flew by in a sunny, happy, windy and rum-fuelled time and was over far too quickly.