We’ve been using gDiapers cloth diapering products with both Rocket and Indigo since birth and have found they work well for us. It’s a simple system and the bright colours and fun designs of the gpants make them a great piece of clothing as we’re mostly living in the tropics so she doesn’t wear much else.

The 100% biodegradable inserts are also flushable or compostable. We use these ones when we’re doing long passages at sea and want to conserve our water without adding nasty disposables to landfill.

But, even with our water limitations, we’ve had great success using the cloth inserts too and really recommend them. Trust me, I’m no domestic goddess and if I can use cloth nappies without even having a washing machine then anyone can. It’s a fantastic design and they both seem to love them.

We’ve documented our journey with gDiapers from the very beginning and you can read more on the guest blogs we’ve done for them. We’ve also produced both casual shots of the pants in use as well as producing professional photos for use in their social media and product campaigns. We’re so proud to champion such an environmentally friendly and sustainable design.

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