When our babies started on solids we needed somewhere to keep them secure while they ate – a hard task when the boat is always moving! We’re using the ‘Lobster’, a clamp-on high chair that can also fold away for easy storage.

We love that it means our littlest crew can join us at the table and we can all eat together. It’s even working well on our odd-shaped oval table and seems to be very easy to wipe down to clean. We’ve taken it out to restaurants and it’s come with us when we’re staying with friends.

Also we have the ‘Traveller’, a portable playpen and cot. Although it’s very lightweight it’s incredibly strong. Once they started crawling it came into it’s own as the only way to keep them safely contained when crossing oceans or doing long offshore passages.

Both products have proved immensely useful onboard so far. We’ve also trialled the ‘Metro’ and ‘Airlight’ baby carriers, for transporting our little ones around. The airlight particularly comes in handy as it can be easily stashed into a bag. It’s light and very breathable which is perfect for life in the tropics.

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