When our little daughter, Rocket, was only four weeks old we had to unexpectedly fly to Mexico City and I found myself in the rather bizarre position of breastfeeding her whilst walking to join James in a queue at the airport.


Yes, we have a baby on a boat, in Mexico and we spent the first five weeks of her life living in a hostel in Guadalajara. In fact, since her birth, there have been quite a few adventures: she’s flown in five different aeroplanes; she’s been on a speedboat, a houseboat, a pontoon boat and a kayak; she’s met goats, cats, horses, dogs, geckos, iguanas and deer; we’ve had her splash about in a plunge pool, a swimming pool, a bath, a bucket, a lake in Canada and even the Pacific Ocean.


This is most definitely a life less ordinary for an infant and none of it has been all that intentional. I’d like to make it clear that we’re not aiming at some cavalier existence for our newest crew member, in fact it’s the contrary. She is simply with us whatever we are doing.


We knew that starting a family whilst travelling would mean that we’d need a lot of humour and the ability to stay relaxed. There will not always be a changing table available and, if there is, it may only be in the ladies’ loos. I won’t always have an element of privacy or the perfect tranquil location in which to feed my baby. So, we choose to roll with it, the result of which is that her needs are met sooner, even if it means that she has a nappy change in the middle of the woods when we’re hiking or gets fed while we’re riding a bus.