There are go times and there are slow times.


This time last year we were prepping for crossing the South Pacific ocean, which dominated our 2014. Having safely reached New Zealand in late November we decided that to do justice to this beautiful country in which we find ourselves for a time we would need to do some travel inland and get up into the mountains. It helps to balance out all that time spent at sea level.


So we got ourselves a cheap van, a not so cheap tent and borrowed the other essentials from our cruising friends and set off for – who knows – maybe two months on the road and in the tent in both the North and South island.


This inland journey so far is treating us well and it certainly beats having to wait for just the right weather to sail down to these parts. It’s already Autumn in New Zeland and the seriously cold weather is not far off so it definitely pays to be travelling somewhat faster than our normal 5 knots. Having said that it IS still quite chilly, and we do have our moments of fond nostalgia for the tropics.


Guaranteed there will be some highlight images of this brief soujourn posted up here shortly, as the scenery is truly spectacular.


Our trusty steed and our cosy home - yes, we've downsized even further!
Our trusty steed and our cosy home – yes, we’ve downsized even further!