V-berth vacations

The in-laws are coming to visit. Having friends or relatives coming to stay is always an interesting exercise. Visitors to a boat, however, have a completely different set of challenges to meet [...]

Going Bamboo

While we were in New Zealand we forged a new relationship with Go Bamboo, a company that's serious about keeping plastic out of our coastlines, oceans and landfills. Their first major product breakthrough was in designing a [...]

Missed us in New Zealand?

Didn't manage to come out to see us during all that time we spent in Aotearoa? Don't despair, our cruising in this beautiful country was bookended by [...]

Going overboard

“Bagpuss is floating away!!!” Comes the fervent cry from our daughter. Every sailor has a plan for a man overboard situation. You consider how you’d manoeuvre the boat to recover someone from the water and the process for getting them safely...

It takes a village

Our lovely friends at gDiapers asked us to take part in their podcast series called "It takes a village to raise a parent". They interviewed us, asking questions about [...]

What it’s all about

Expect the unexpected

The first lesson of parenting is really to expect the unexpected. Funnily enough, the exact same can be said of liveaboard sailing. One of the great challenges of sailing out from a country like New Zealand and on to remote islands like those of...

Portrait of a cruiser

Our community of boat folk has certain 'go-to' resources for sailing knowledge and advice. One of these is the website called Noonsite, the 'global site for cruising sailors'. It's a [...]

Cabin fever

I know that one of the things it’s hard to get your head around if you don’t live on a boat is how a couple or even a family could be comfortable in so little space. The living area equates to far less than a tiny studio flat and yet we all seem...

Dot dot dot…

We've had our heads down for quite some time, prepping for departure. Leaving New Zealand after so much time is a big deal for us for a number of reasons. It'll be the first sailing outside of NZ waters that we've done as a [...]


Living aboard full-time means that sometimes even the simplest of tasks isn’t straightforward. Like having a shower. Unlike many other boats, we don’t have a water-maker on board so the fresh water that we carry is a precious, finite amount...

Change is in the air

Autumn is here. For three years in the tropics we missed the changing colours that the turn of season brings. It wasn't until our camping trip all around New Zealand that we were able to re-familiarise ourselves with that shift of light, and time and...

London buses…

...You wait ages for one and then three come along at once. The month of March is a bit like that for us and the publications we're in. It seems that we're everywhere this month. So, if you're missing us in person, chances are that you can pop into...

The uninvited guest

“Stop scratching!” I’m pleading with my 3 year-old daughter who has a cluster of red welts on both her calves. Yes, the cruising life is an extraordinary one, packed with fulfilling encounters and adventures. However, today [...]

Pescadora mia

There are some important milestones for a boat girl to go through. At 3 and a half our little Rocket has had a BIG moment... She just caught her first fish! She has an ongoing joke that "Dada is rubbish at fishing!" and [...]

We’re taking over!

Our good friends over at gDiapers have kindly invited us aboard their Instagram page for a couple of days. Why? Because they're keen to share the real stories from the gMums and gDads who use their products. So, on the 27th and 28th of this month...

New Year, new look

Things looking a little different round here? Yep, after more than five years at sea we figured it was time for a bit of an overhaul of the website. It's purpose has changed quite a lot over that time, going from a simple way of giving our families a...

A river runs through it

In our years at sea we’ve sometimes had a break from the ocean swell or bouncy anchorages and chosen to sail on a river. Yes, it is unlikely that you will get an easy sail but even motoring upriver is a lovely adventure in itself. Plus, you’re...

Back to reality

I wake to find that we are the only boat at anchor in this spot. Our yacht hangs in a mere 3 metres of clear turquoise water, nicely enclosed by an island to either side of us. There’s sand, pebble and shell, which appear [...]

I can see clearly now

“Did we actually just miss the Pacific altogether?” I ask James in disbelief. The reason for the question is that we’ve made a little change on board with a big result. We’ve changed the acrylic on some [...]

Hard tack and ship’s biscuits

This weekend has been all about feasting on good food with great colours. Super fresh and gorgeous, and all without a weevil in sight! Perhaps not what [...]

All things winches

As an important part of our general maintenance we've been servicing our winches. With two little helpers of course [...]

In between jobs

Occasionally we get a proper weekend, free from boat jobs. This last one was all about making. Making food, making dens, making pictures [...]

Water babies again

James teaching Rocket how to balance and hold the paddle. Indigo clinging on to the bow on a [...]

The best laid plans of mice and men

So, you may be aware that the plan was to sail from New Zealand to Australia via Vanuatu and New Caledonia, getting to Australia for Christmas at the latest. James left for Vanuatu with a couple of crew but got into an unexpected storm with [...]

Our littlest crew…

...Has finally had his first passage. We made the trip up from Whangarei to Opua over a few days via Urquharts Bay, Tutukaka Harbour and Urupukapuka Bay in the Bay of Islands. The kiddos are adjusting to [...]

Beneath the keel

The very fact that our sailboat enables us to live on the water never ceases to amaze me. This may sounds obvious but, like the landlubber homeowner who always wants to spend more time entertaining in their dining room, taking a luxurious soak in...

Busy boat life

Some days are all about staying in and playing Duplo [...]

The family car

We once left a taxi driver in St. Kitts dumbfounded when we explained that after getting out of his cab we’d be hopping into our dinghy to get to our yacht, lying at anchor. “You got TWO boats?” was his astonished response, “You even got a...


I’ll never forget stepping on board our boat for the first time. Sure, I’d seen countless photos. It was me who found it online, added it to our list and urged my husband to visit it even though, at the time, it was out of our budget. The images...