I can see clearly now

“Did we actually just miss the Pacific altogether?” I ask James in disbelief. The reason for the question is that we’ve made a little change on board with a big result. We’ve changed the acrylic on some [...]

Hard tack and ship’s biscuits

This weekend has been all about feasting on good food with great colours. Super fresh and gorgeous, and all without a weevil in sight! Perhaps not what [...]

All things winches

As an important part of our general maintenance we've been servicing our winches. With two little helpers of course [...]

In between jobs

Occasionally we get a proper weekend, free from boat jobs. This last one was all about making. Making food, making dens, making pictures [...]

Water babies again

James teaching Rocket how to balance and hold the paddle. Indigo clinging on to the bow on a [...]

The best laid plans of mice and men

So, you may be aware that the plan was to sail from New Zealand to Australia via Vanuatu and New Caledonia, getting to Australia for Christmas at the latest. James left for Vanuatu with a couple of crew but got into an unexpected storm with [...]

Our littlest crew…

...Has finally had his first passage. We made the trip up from Whangarei to Opua over a few days via Urquharts Bay, Tutukaka Harbour and Urupukapuka Bay in the Bay of Islands. The kiddos are adjusting to [...]

Beneath the keel

The very fact that our sailboat enables us to live on the water never ceases to amaze me. This may sounds obvious but, like the landlubber homeowner who always wants to spend more time entertaining in their dining room, taking a luxurious soak in...

Busy boat life

Some days are all about staying in and playing Duplo [...]

The family car

We once left a taxi driver in St. Kitts dumbfounded when we explained that after getting out of his cab we’d be hopping into our dinghy to get to our yacht, lying at anchor. “You got TWO boats?” was his astonished response, “You even got a...


I’ll never forget stepping on board our boat for the first time. Sure, I’d seen countless photos. It was me who found it online, added it to our list and urged my husband to visit it even though, at the time, it was out of our budget. The images...

Extra extra, read all about it

We are gracing another magazine cover this month. The July issue of Australia's "Cruising Helmsman" magazine has a 6 page spread of my article on "The coconut milk run" about crossing the Pacific ocean and a photo of our boat taken from the top of...

Hello Peppin

A warm welcome to our latest sponsor, Peppin Boutique, who have provided us with some lovely clothing goodies for Rocket and Indigo [...]

Food glorious food

Since moving on board, choosing to live and sail full-time, we both agree that we have never eaten better in our lives, despite being two foodies from London. The test of a gourmet galley is how to cope with the challenge of a long sea crossing and...

Dolphin Watching

While our boat is out of the water, prepping for leaving New Zealand shortly, we're heading south to visit some friends. First stop is Auckland and the lovely folks from s/v Dolphin of Leith, who we first met in the San Blas islands of Panama more...

Saltwater family

The stereotypical view of a sailor usually implies a fairly solitary, perhaps lonely existence. One man on his boat gives the impression of being a hermit, quite private, choosing a quiet life away from others. Even we, sailing as a family of four,...

Birds of paradise

A life on board presents you with many chance encounters with animals. Stumbling across a pod of dolphins or catching sight of a whale are magical moments, which we find ourselves recounting to friends at the next port. But the more constant visitor...

Cover girl

Just a little post to show that one of our images is gracing the front cover of Ocean Navigator magazine this month, along with an article on anchoring inside [...]

You can take the girl off the boat…

...but you can't take the boat out of the girl. It may come as a surprise to learn that that are long stretches of time when we are not sailing. World cruising comes with what I refer to as ‘go times and slow times’, which are largely [...]

Ship shape and Bristol fashion

I have never been a neat freak, nor was I very messy in my land-lubber life. However, living on board a boat does teach you the advantages to being that bit tidier. But it’s a lesson that you only learn by getting it spectacularly wrong to [...]

Flying the flag

Jess is in this month's Yachting Monthly magazine as the only female member of the panel contributing to an ensemble article called "How to anchor like an expert". 8 sailing pros were consulted on their techniques and [...]

They say you can never go home again…

...and they're probably right. For us a 'quick' trip back to renovate our London flat while living in it with our two teeny ones has turned into a somewhat epic battle of [...]

Sick of the sea

It’s often surprising to me how many people say that they’d love to do what we’re doing and go out sailing long-term to far-off exotic lands but are unable to because they suffer from seasickness. Yet, what’s more unexpected perhaps is that I...

The impromptu bank holiday

Getting out on the water and sailing is a pursuit that most people have to save for their time off. It represents a respite from their other life of being defined by their weekday job and makes every weekend, every summer break and each public...

Alright me old mucker…

With various parts of our boat strewn across Whangarei and a new arrival in the family we thought that it was time to check in with the folks back in England. Flying for over 30 hours with a 2 year old and 6 week old infant in tow is no easy move,...

Haul or nothing: boat in bits

The New Zealand winter and having a new baby crew member meant that we weren't going to be sailing on the boat for a little while. This makes for a perfect time to haul out and do some routine maintenance as well as address any [...]

Un-capturing the magic

Sailing is no longer an isolated venture. Every cruiser seems to have a blog, a Facebook page or an Instagram account that can broadcast their breath-taking images of picturesque settings, sending them worldwide in a second. And why do we [...]

Good things come to those who wait…

For those of you who have been eagerly awaiting some news on this page, we just wanted to let you know about the safe and sound arrival of [...]

A model baby

A few months back, before our epic roadtrip, we did a series of photoshoots for our good friends at gDiapers. Neither of us is new to photography, however it was our first experience in professional product shoots, producing images that were [...]

Gearing up to it

Some ruefully call cruising “mending your boat in exotic locations” or say B.O.A.T. stands for “bring out another thousand”. However, despite an element of maintenance to sailing life, it needn’t be a discouraging amount of [...]