Say – weren’t you two meant to be sailing round the world?


Yup, that was and still is the plan but I thought I should explain while we’re still in Bocas del Toro Panama. As mentioned in an earlier post, we shredded our mainsail on our way into Bocas. Having researched it and taken advice from many different people we’ve accepted that the sail can’t be repaired even for use as a spare. So, measurements have been taken and a new mainsail has been made for us by UK Halsey sails in Texas.


But the whole process takes quite a long time plus there have been lots of tricky logistics involved in getting the new sail down to us. It should be with us early October which means that we can’t leave the archipelago until then.


So we’re taking the opportunity to do lots of other boat maintenance jobs, order things in from other places, source new equipment (like finding our new Bruce anchor which another boat was selling) and get ontop of certain admin tasks (like Jess needing to renew her passport). It also gives us an opportunity to get to know the whole area really well and make some really good friends which certainly helps counter any frustration we may have of being unable to sail.


Watch this space and fingers crossed new sail in a few weeks.