Picture the scene… Me, James, one other girl and 8 marines / army guys / pirate security types all in a swimming pool doing ‘the crocodile’. This is, of course, after the day James and I spent being told about hurricanes, explosions, search patterns for men overboard etc. Yup, I sure know how to show him a good time 🙂


So, that’s ISAF offshore sea survival covered and we are now the proud owners of a good stock of flares, two rolls royce type lifejackets, an EPIRB and a PLB. Still need to buy our liferaft but we are at least getting there.


One thing about being the smallest person around when you’re trying to get into a liferaft with 5 burly men is that you jump / get pulled in head first… into quite a large pool of water which has now formed on the liferaft floor from everyone’s wet clothes. To be honest I think my chances of drowning IN the liferaft were much higher than if I’d stayed in the water!