So who should we bump into in Antigua (not literally – see below!) but Andy Grant! The sailing guru who we crossed Biscay with. He crossed the Atlantic in his boat, Olympus, with our friend Oli and arrived into Falmouth harbour on Christmas eve. It was great to see him and swap crossing stories.


Antigua is the land of the superyachts and, therefore, land of the flip-flops which is what the scores of crew and staff that work the superyachts are called. It’s the first place we’ve been to in the Caribbean that seems to be full of travellers and young people on a budget, which makes a nice change from the cruise ship crowd. In no time at all we were whisked off to a dock party with a jungle theme (Andy and two of his crewmates came as Rambo) and danced the night away.


I have vague hazy, late-night memories of James and Andy resuming the monkey dances that they came up with first in the Scilly Isles (Zoe and Elena will remember these in the gardens of Tresco). After Antigua we headed for St Kitts and saw real live wild monkeys on the road. Funny week really.