Any day now there will be a big move. And I don’t just mean us finally setting off for the South Pacific.


Rocket is officially starting to crawl. She’s yet to be caught in the act of the classic all fours crawling, hence no photograph. But she’s so very flexible and twisty that she’s mastered the art of rolling, flinging and flipping herself from one end of our bed to another, or one end of the playpen to another. Her skills even extend to craning her head back, arching her spine and pushing back on her heels which propels her forwards in a rather statuesque fashion, albeit upside-down.


Ok, so it’s not full-on crawling yet but it’s enough to mean that we need to keep a constant eye out for where our little Rocketeer will end up.


And she’s also teething, just in case we were likely to get bored of the challenge of crossing an ocean…