Ah, an empty boat and no guests this month.


What to do… what to do?


Well, the first answer is, gratefully, nothing. Mary and Don left us and we stayed safely tucked away below deck in the same favoured anchoring spot for nearly 2 weeks before we resurfaced.


A well-earned boat hibernation, following 9 weeks of boat guests and preparation for said guests, involves many things. Reading and watching films are two of the initial ones (thanks mum for introducing us to the new Sherlock!) but, us artful types can’t stay inactive for long. So drawing, painting, sketching and weaving have all been toyed with lately.


Plus we’ve been doing daily self-taught Spanish lessons, aided by the books we have on board and little extras (thanks to Ish for sending us a cd with many songs in Spanish). Also, one of our good friends here is preparing for an exhibition of her pottery work. We’re helping her by designing the invitations and taking lots of photos for her facebook page etc which has been really enjoyable.


We also took the weekend to do our FIRST EVER TRIP IN THE ARCHIPELAGO BY OURSELVES! We went up to Starfish beach with two other boat loads of friends and just simply hung out for a few days of r&r.


On our return we picked up the long awaited mainsail which has finally arrived as has the new compressor for the fridge so we can slowly begin to gear up for leaving.


But, before we accomplish too many jobs, Rana Azul (our favourite out-of-the-way-only-accessible-by-boat-and-only-open-two-days-a-week restaurant) is having an Oktoberfest party on Sunday…