So, we continue to slowly wend our sleepy way towards Gibraltar. Now that we are into November the weather is not as consistently good (so still good enough for all you English lot to be jealous) so we’ve been doing a fair amount of wind dodging.


That’s the funny thing about sailing, the ideal amount of wind is really only between 10 and 20 knots so you’re often dealing with the problems of having too much wind (having to hunker down, hide out or take great care if you’re out in it) or not having enough (having to burn some diesel, or stay an extra day somewhere until the wind comes back).


When asked by my sister what exactly it was that we did each day we replied that an awful lot of it had to, inevitably, be dictated by the weather for that day, the next day, and how we could best use it to help us get to the next place.


The other thing that governs our day is food, the making of it, the stocking up of provisions, the instant washing up (because you must always be prepared to move at short notice) and the brief lull between meals!