In the previous post I mentioned that we have 4 fantastic cooks on board. Surprisingly, the question that we all got asked the most often before setting off on our circumnavigation was “what will you do about food?”.


Well, there are two kinds of food that we deal with. The food that James and I had when we were pottering along the coast is one kind: when local markets, fresh bread stalls and greengrocers are nearby. But I want to use this post to talk about the other kind of food: food provisioning and what food you can make when crossing oceans.


As you may have seen, we did some huge provisioning runs in Gibraltar. One to get all our dried goods (rice, pasta, couscous, flour, oats, etc), one to get all our fruit and veg and one to get anything that was left over (Morrisons Gibraltar – ugh!). The boat was stuffed to the gills with all these items, bilges (compartments under the floorboards) filled with spare water, UHT milk, juice, cupboards groaning with cans and bottles, three fruit and veg hammocks and our spare single cabin piled high with our crates of apples, bags of oranges and a pineapple or two.


So, what do we eat on the boat? Well, thus far typical menus have included:


Breakfast –

  • porridge with brazil nuts, dates, prunes and golden syrup.
  • fresh drop scones (scotch pancakes) with jams.
  • yoghurt with muesli and fresh kiwi, pineapple, apple and banana.
  • freshly baked bread drizzled with extra virgin olive oil, topped with fresh plum tomatoes and serrano ham.


Lunch –

  • couscous salad with carrot, red onion, raisins, almonds, peppers, sundried tomatoes, lemon zest with crumbled feta.
  • tortellini with garlic and fresh beef tomato.
  • fresh baked bread with scrambled egg, serrano ham and piri piri.
  • risotto with tuna and vegetables.


Dinner –

  • fresh homemade pizza base topped with iberian ham, tomato, courgette, red onion, mozzarella and oregano.
  • beef and guiness stew with spiced, braized red cabbage.
  • tarka dahl, rice, freshly homemade flatbreads and beef curry.
  • chili con carne topped with dauphinoise potatoes, seared cabbage and leeks sauteed in butter.
  • pasta alio a’olio ai pepperoncino.



  • Jess’s oatmeal and raisin cookies.
  • James’s special popcorn with olive oil.
  • Lis’s ryvita with gorgonzola, chorizo and pate.
  • A plethora of fresh fruit.


So, what are you eating this week, eh?!?