Our arrival into Bocas del Toro Panama is a bit of a milestone. It means we’ve been on the sea for 8 months (at the time of writing it was June 11th) and are almost done with the Caribbean. It’s a natural time of reflection as getting to Panama means we’re out of the hurricane belt and can stop as long as we like to work on the boat; getting ongoing repairs done properly rather than fixing things up quickly as we have to move on, and starting the long process of prepping and planning for the Pacific. Panama is also the first place that we really have the luxury of stopping for an unplanned amount of time, which is a break that we are sorely in need of.


So here are the figures for any of you that are interested in what we have been doing from leaving Mylor, UK October 8th 2011 – Bocas del Toro, Panama June 11th 2012.


38        – weeks

262      – days

7,861   – distance covered in nautical miles

122      – number of days sailed on (47% of days)

66        – nights at sea (25% of nights)

495      – engine hours (20 days)

300      – engine hours for propulsion (15% of time underway)

73        – number of stops (av. 2.9 days at each stop, av. distance of 108miles between stops)

49        – nights spent in marinas (18% of nights)

14        – number of different marinas visited

147      – nights spent at anchor (57% of nights)

60        – number of different anchorages visited

22        – number of different countries / principalities visited

39        – number of loaves of bread baked

4          – number of nights spent away from the boat

2          – number of times aground

2          – number of dragging incidents

1          – number of collisions

2          – number of sails damaged / ripped

£176    – average weekly spend on living costs (or £88 each)

£104    – average weekly spend on boat maintenance / boat kit / insurance

£280    – total average spend (or £140 each)