We arrived in Aneityum, the most southerly island in Vanuatu, after an 8 day passage from New Zealand. Instantly the layers of stress and worry that so acutely mark the preparation stage for leaving a country were shed as quickly as the layers of unnecessary clothing.


We are back. Back into the swing of sailing internationally again, back in the warm, back in the water. Our time in New Zealand was spectacular and we have a fairly significant souvenir from our stay there but we sure are happy to be back in what we consider to be our watery home: the tropics.


Vanuatu, our 33rd country in our trip so far, is full of smiles, papayas, lush green vegetation, balmy water and steep volcanoes. From Aneityum we’ve been working our way up through the islands of Tanna, Erromango and now Efate. We’ve scrambled on beaches, collected exotic flowers, given a lesson in a school on sea adventures, scrubbed our washing in villages and met new people and formed new connections at every stage. In Port Vila we’ve reunited with gorgeously cold ice cream and amazingly warm cruisers; chancing upon some of our dearest friends from Mexico, the lovely folks on s/v Fluenta, who we’ve known since both of our Mexican boat babies were mere bumps. Those bumps will be turning 4!


The break from internet contact has served as a much needed mental rest too and, as the welcoming sea and the giggles of the children beckon me back, I’ll leave you with some images of our first impressions. Enjoy! x

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