Following the last post, I should have said it was the perfect break until…


We got stuck at the border coming back into Panama. I was already anticipating issues as my passport renewal has resulted in me owning two valid British passports simultaneously (one that runs out in April) which had already confused the authorities no end on our way into Costa Rica.


However, on the way back the hold up was nothing to do with me, but instead it was because the internet was down. A couple and their small child were ahead of us in the queue and the man ahead of them went through passport control without issue. As they went up to the desk they were told that the system was down so we exchanged exasperated smiles and proceeded to wait…




Needless to say we bonded in that time. Jess and Tony Edwards are a couple of adventurous travellers from, you’ve guessed it, Austin Texas (we seem to be a magnet for Austinites!). They’ve travelled extensively in Europe and the Middle East on a shoestring budget, even stealth camping in places like construction sites. They’re now exploring Central America with a new challenge to their travels – they have a 14 month old daughter. Basil Riot Edwards (with a middle name of Riot as this couple came across several while Jess was pregnant) is a gorgeous little girl who seems completely content with her backpacking adventures.


But holding up anyone at the border into Panama will make them cranky. After 5 hours we were all dead tired and hot and getting concerned about making it to Almirante in time to catch a boat back to Bocas before dark.


When we finally got through the border, James and I realised that another great thing about having a boat is that you always have a place that people can stay if they’re in a jam. Which is exactly what we did and why we now have some new faces on the stowaways page and some great new friends.