Autumn is here. For three years in the tropics we missed the changing colours that the turn of season brings. It wasn’t until our camping trip all around New Zealand that we were able to re-familiarise ourselves with that shift of light, and time and scent that the transition holds.

Change is in the air as we begin our countdown to heading back out to the South Pacific and perform what always seems to be a scramble to get everything on board as ready and ship-shape as we hoped. In truth the jobs never can all get done. But, if even half of the things on the list are accomplished before the big off then we’ll have done pretty well.

And the new changes are accompanied by old friends as we are rejoined by our crewmate from our last jaunt across the South Pacific. Chris has signed up for the next leg of our journey which means that the crazy chap will be with us for a good long while, all the way into Indonesia. Few brave souls would commit to sharing a cabin with a 3 year old and travelling with us in our home indefinitely. But he’s not just your average guy and has slotted seamlessly back into our family as though he never left.

And it brings a new momentum and new energy to the next few weeks and months to come.

Bring it on!


Hard at it in the workshop.
Making fresh compote – Autumn brain food.
Yoga session / camel ride.