There are some important milestones for a boat girl to go through. At 3 and a half our little Rocket has had a BIG moment…

She just caught her first fish! She has an ongoing joke that “Dada is rubbish at fishing!” and tells everyone who’ll listen about her extraordinary fishing prowess. Which was, until now, no more than talk.

But, while out for a jaunt in New Zealand’s Hauraki Gulf, she insisted that not only should James trawl a line and put out the fishing rod but that she too should get out the little handreel that we gave her at Christmas. Before pulling into anchor he dutifully packed in both his lines but forgot about her little one until later.

And, then, putting the boat to bed, we noticed the line was jumping. She had landed her first catch, a very small snapper that she then helped to gut, cook and eat. Just why it was important to swiftly don some pink flip-flops, an oversized flower hairclip, a tutu and necklace in order to hold her prize is a mystery to all but her. And I love how James is so grossed out by her eagerness to cut out and eat it’s eye and she’s all nonchalant…

DSC_0049 (1)

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